Molecular Mixology

Find out what everyone is talking about. One of the latest trends in cocktail making, Molecular Mixology. Create the perfect cocktail chemistry by entertaining your guests with our Molecular Mixologists. Experiment with tasty cocktail combinations of various elements and ingredients.

If Heston did cocktails - this would be it. Ever seen smoking cocktails? Ever tasted caviar cocktails? Watch our Molecular Mixologists at work as they surprise you with a medley of cocktail ingredients as they experiment with molecular gastronomy such as:

foam cocktails

bubble cocktails

frozen 'nitro' cocktails

multi-layered cocktails

solid cocktails

and many more cocktail concoctions!

The creativity and imagination of these mixologists is endless! Our Molecular Mixologists turn your bar into an impressive cocktail laboratory, experimenting with different effects, textures and tastes.