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If you're looking for bar staff for any event, whether it be just the one bartender or a whole team of bar staff, then The Bar Service can provide the best bartenders and bar staff available. The Bar Service have a whole host of professionally trained bar staff ready to serve your guests.

Bartender hire is one of several bar services that we provide. For something extra special, we have flair bartenders for hire, who can impress your guests with their bottle juggling skills whilst preparing and pouring your favourite cocktails. We also provide bar backs to assist our bartenders and keep your bar well stocked. You can also hire our Mixologists, including Molecular Mixologists, who create the perfect cocktail chemistry by entertaining your guests whilst they experiment with tasty mixtures that combine various elements and ingredients. Just think, if Heston did ile Bars

Waiters and waitresses can be hired to serve your guests at every event from birthdays to launch parties, weddings to private parties, and more. Event Managers are also available to make sure everything goes to plan.

At The Bar Service we pride ourselves on knowing that our bar staff have been fully trained and informed about all the details of your event ahead of time. As well as being fully trained, The Bar Service bartenders and bar staff are presentable and courteous at all times. You can hire our bar staff for a set amount of hours or for your whole event, including set up and breakdown.

Bartender Hire Package for all types of events

Whats included?

  • Detailed shopping list of all ingredients & glassware required
  • A step by step guide helping you plan the perfect party
  • One of our professional bartenders for a 4 hour window
  • 45 min set up, 3 hour service & 15 min clear down
  • All the necessary equipment needed to serve your desired cocktails

Contact The Bar Service today to hire the best bartenders and bar staff for your event.

About us

We are a bunch of professionals who aspire to put all the expert resources of conducting an enthusiastic event under the same roof. We came into existence in the year 2015, where our team’s combined experience stand for more than 14 years.

Having gained momentum of hosting high profile events, we stand among the most celebrated event organizers in the region.

To book for the private events you can call us at +44 (0) 207 887 2499 or send us an email at



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