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Private Parties

Private functions are indeed the most colorful pages in the book of the memories whether its a birthday party, a wedding function or an anniversary celebration!

Corporate Events

For an event to leave a mark on the people’s minds and hearts, it should outperform in all respects whether its decor or the catering arrangements.

Coffee Services

Coffee is that survival juice which is among the favorite delight for the majority of people across the globe! And when it comes to the events, there is no way you can skip a coffee bar in it!

Event Staffing

‘Meet and Greet’ segment sets the momentum of any event. To put in place the right event staff is indeed a great concern that we dedicatedly look after at FineFynch.


How cool it would it be to flaunt your cocktail-making skills like a pro! The sizzling art of molecular mixology when mastered can leave the people amazed by your mind boggling artistry!

Experimental Marketing

Giving effect to one of the most powerful and effective strategies of business marketing, we proudly present our dynamic events for experiential marketing!

Brand Activation

CWe realise how crucial it is to have a perfect product launch! As they say, ‘a good start is half the job done’, so we conceptualise a perfect event for your product launch that carves a brighter way ahead.

Equipment Hire

One thing that defines the class of an event is the type of glassware it brings to the table! The opulent glassware is one element that can make you earn brownie points in any given event!

Molecular Mixology

One hot trend that is swaying the events is the molecular mixology! It goes without saying that you will find the maximum crowd near the counters of bartenders that captivate the audience with their spectacular cocktail making skills!


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