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One thing that defines the class of an event is the type of glassware it brings to the table! The opulent glassware is one element that can make you earn brownie points in any given event! Also, the botheration of managing your own glassware can be an exhausting affair that you can escape from by hiring our exquisite glassware for all types of events!

Whether you need wine flutes for a wedding ceremony, rock glasses for cocktails or the stylish sling glasses for the supreme presentation of the mocktails in your event! We have it all to give you a class of luxury in a reasonable range of prices.

Want to make a remarkable impression on your guests with a stunning range of glassware?

Contact us now at +44 (0) 203 441 4656. You can also write an email to us at

What does our equipment hire involve?

We provide the exquisite glassware for the events that include the Champagne Flute, wine glasses, pina colada, cocktail classes, sling glasses, hurricanes, rocks, highball, and tumblers.

Why you should go for hire?

The reason is evident as to why you should hire our sophisticated range of glassware! Going by the economic parameter, it is always advisable to hire the premium glassware that not just saves the cost but can save you from the haphazard of managing its concern in the going event! All you need to do is just hire it for once and forget all your worries!

Why us?

Our main agenda has been the complete satisfaction of our customers that have led us to mark of perfection in our every service. We believe in creating our legacy with the goodwill that becomes the testimony of our hard work and dedication.

Our creative streak has been the inspiration that ignites our passion to bring innovation in our every attempt. The motivation driven service has then become our secret of delivering exemplary results to our clients.

For further information, you can Call us at +44 (0) 203 441 4656 or send us an email at



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