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‘Meet and Greet’ segment sets the momentum of any event. To put in place the right event staff is indeed a great concern that we dedicatedly look after at FineFynch.

Whether you are hosting a party or a business meeting, it is of utmost importance to recruit the skilled staff to manage the foot fall. We cater to this pivotal aspect of staff solutions that truly gives a reflection of elite class and culture.

At Fynfynch, our hospitality staff is well trained to give you an impressive hospitality experience. Whether its a product launch party, business conference or an award ceremony, you can blindly trust our safe pair of hands that will simply cater you with the exceptional service.

No matter how specific is your requirement from personal affairs to corporate events, you will get the recruit of your match that will work as per your desired standards.

We make sure to provide our staff with the customised training, to be able to cater you exactly the way you want. We personally ensure the quality of our analysis and services to give you the best-class experience.

Feel free to book staffing solutions by either calling us at +44 (0) 207 887 2499 or writing an email at

We will be more than happy to serve you!

We have got a team of skilled professionals for the various events

Depending upon the requirements of your event type, we provide the custom workforce for your requirements.


We provide complete recruitment from waiters to bartenders for a majestic reception. Having been given the special training, they are equipped with a superior skill set to manage the diverse scenarios.

Corporate events

In corporate events, you may require highly professional staff to do the registration process or perhaps distribution of samples on a mass level, or may be helpers to assist you in the award ceremony. Whatever might be your case, we have got the complete staffing solution for you in any given event.

Cloakroom and Security staff

We provide you the assistance of cloakroom and security personnel based on your needs. Where there is a huge gathering of people, you may require the trained staff for the security checks and cloakroom facility. We ensure competent staff to take care of such concerns.

Why us?

From extensive training to wide exposure, our house teams are adept to provide best in class service for any type of event. We have taken special care of imparting them with the skills that  make them an unparalleled match for any kind of event or party. Special emphasis has been put to train them into skilled resources.

We have been providing staffing solutions to our elite clientage for years now and have received commendable feedback in return for our superior services.

For bookings you may drop us an email at or may reach us @ +44 (0) 207 887 2499



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