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How cool it would it be to flaunt your cocktail-making skills like a pro! The sizzling art of molecular mixology when mastered can leave the people amazed by your mind boggling artistry!

Do you wish to have a spectacular performance in front of a large audience? Wondering where to master these techniques from!

Wonder no more! Our masterclasses with teach you these dexterous arts like no one else! Come and join our professional masterclasses to learn the knack of making your own cocktail drinks and steaming creations with absolute finesse!

To join one, call at +44 (0) 203 441 4656 or send us an email at

Who should seek the entry in our masterclasses?

Well, anyone! Anyone interested to learn the cocktail making art is more than welcome where our professional experts will teach you the fine artwork of these modern skills.

The branch of molecular mixology has given us a new direction to express our creativity in presenting the scrumptious delicacies in newer ways!

Diving in and exploring the unknown territories of taste, combinations and presenting the cocktails is an enthralling art that will give you a lifetime experience in our masterclasses!

How we do it?

Our method of teaching involves an introduction to the basics before we start with our actual practice sessions! Our experts will guide you through the different moves and will give you sufficient platforms to practice and improve your skills.

We aim to achieve your absolute expertise in the skills for we create the competitive set-ups that will inspire you and help you in achieving the pro-standards.

Why us?

Having gained rich experience in the line of molecular mixology, we understand your desire to ace the skill for which we provide extensive and supreme guidance in our masterclasses where you can not just learn the tricks but can rehearse it in the professional setting.

Our experts have practiced their skill-set in high profile events that have positioned them in the queue of the most accomplished bartenders in the world.

For any other information, you can Call at +44 (0) 203 441 4656 or send us an email



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