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One hot trend that is swaying the events is the molecular mixology! It goes without saying that you will find the maximum crowd near the counters of bartenders that captivate the audience with their spectacular cocktail making skills! Not just it adds the vigor in the event but brings it to life with such innovative and exciting arts!

If you are planning to introduce this dazzling section in your event, your search is not too far from us! We have in store for you all the tantalizing delicacies that emerged out of the modern art of the molecular gastronomy!

Our mixologists are nothing less than the multi-talented professionals that will rock the show with their dexterity! How to gain the complete attention of your guests and elicit the praise for tempting flavors and breath-taking presentation is what our mixologists have mastered by now!

Wish to book it for your event? Call us at +44 (0) 203 441 4656 or send us an email at

What we incorporate in our molecular mixology?

From caviar pearls to smoking ice creams, we serve every bit of with the exciting showcase of our mixology skills. Our expert mixologists will spellbind the audience with their intriguing act of creating magical conversions of jellies, air, foams and what not! We invent divine flavors while performing an eye-arresting art of mixology that keeps the audience engaged from beginning till the end.

Why us?

Due to our expert drive, we have been acknowledged worldwide for performing stupendously in the sphere of molecular mixology. Our experts are deeply passionate about what they do which fuels their zest of inventing newer combinations to thrill the audience!

The visually appealing art greatly appreciated on the scale of flavor makes it a complete package to opt for in any given event!

Excited to hire it right away! Call us at +44 (0) 203 441 4656 or send us an email at



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